From our trip to Banff, Canada 2012.

From our trip to Banff, Canada 2012.

My husband, John Kessels – he’s doing his own blog here, and I are going on an around the world trip!  While John is writing about his travels in his own way, I will do that here once a week with my ’52 Weeks’ blog, starting as of July 2014 and continuing through to June 2015.  The difference with my blog is it will be based on written letters I will send to 52 different people, who are on a list  – people who agreed to receive a ‘real’ letter in the post (mail – to those that know North American English).  So for those of you who are on this list – great, you will be able to read it here and get the letter in the post, for those of you who just want to see it online or you just want to read about our travels and experiences,  or you made it to the list, but the letter didn’t make it to you, well you can still see it here.

The why behind the letters:  In my preparation for leaving I came across a drawer of letter writing paper, that got me thinking – hey, I love it when I get a personal letter in the post, so why don’t I use all those papers and send letters out.  I am hoping to enclose some nice surprises and, of course, the joy of getting something through the mail box that isn’t a bill.

If you can figure out how to send a letter to me on my travels, that’s great too, I’d be happy to receive them or post a comment!  Happy writing and reading!

“I wish to move like the clouds and that means letting go and let the strong winds carry me to where I need to be or evaporate into something new.”


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  1. Mel

    Hey Deb. I got your letter!! Thank you. You are so right…it is lovely to see a hand written envelope on the mat. I am so envious of your amazing trip. It seems like you are having day upon day of adventures and new experiences. Continue to enjoy and I will continue to read your blog and see your instagrams. See you in 10 or so months. Love Mel xxx


    1. debbieannbridge Post author

      Thanks Mel, how are things? How’s the group? Been meaning to email! How’s yor daughter doing? Send my love to everyone. I think if you guys often in my walks, in fact I got up yesterday, thanks to all you guys helping me build that inner strength to get out there, as I really didn’t want. It was so cold and rainy, but so glad I did!



  2. Sarah Ison

    Debbie!! I got your letter earlier this year, thank you so much. It was ages ago, and in the middle of a super busy/stressful time and I was terrible and forgot to let you know. Many thanks!!



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