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A Cushy Cruise – how to save money on your next cruise

Norwegen Sun

Norwegian sun

Why do Americans and Canadians get cheaper cruises?  The simple answer is, we don’t know and we don’t like it, but here is one way we got around it….

I managed to find a way around the dual pricing by booking on an American website and then contacting the company explaining I had done this. They eventually allowed the booking to stand in the US dollars.

If you can find a way to book a cruise through Canada or the US, then you can save yourself up to a third or more on the actual cruise cost.

Recently, I did a search and looked at the same cruise through a UK and US website then priced them just to make sure that all this is still the case.

At random: (Holland America) on January 2 2016 for seven nights, East Caribbean cruise
Cost £548.28 – US Cost $699 or £446 = £102.28 potential savings. This isn’t just in the UK, it is pretty much anywhere outside North America that there is a huge price difference, so check it out from your own country, if not based in North America.

This was done with an Orbitz search. Orbitz, also, included a special US$500 onboard credit, unlike the UK. If you take in the on-board credit, then your cruise could cost you £128.

That’s a huge potential savings!

What are your experiences of costing cruises from where you are?  Share below: