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Gardens by the Bay

9th month – March Video Blog on You Tube

Below is the link to my video blog on you-tube from March:


Week 38 – Now for a bit of the Exotic – Singapore and Malaysia

‘Success is a journey, not a destination’

[How this works is, each week, I will write to someone on my list, picked randomly and I will post it online on this blog – just in case the letter doesn’t reach its destination.  The letter includes a card with a random quote, which I hope you will enjoy (at the top of this blog page).]


Singapore Hotel by Gardens by the Bay which has a nightly light show

Currently, I’m in transit to our second destination in Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, but this week started in Melbourne, flew to Singapore and ended in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.  At least the week has not felt rushed, despite so much movement.

So Melbourne – our friend, Kat took me to see some local gardens and, then, the next day we flew to Singapore.

Arab Quarter

Arab Quarter

This is my third trip to this city and each time I like it more and more.  The temperature is a pretty steady 30 degrees its just the humidity which changes.  Still, I find it very nice and I look to avoid the afternoon heat by taking a siesta.


Flower at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

This trip we went to the beautiful botanic gardens and walked around. (some extra photos are at the bottom of the post!)  We, also, made it to my first ‘cat cafe’ – something I’ve tried to get to in other cities, but, finally, managed here.

Cat Cafe

The Cat Cafe – Singapore


Gardens by the Bay – night

Finally, we went to the Gardens by the Bay – well worth a visit both at night and during the day.  Will definitely go back to the later, as there is lots to see and do.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay – morning sunrise

Then, we headed across the causeway to Johor Bahru – not the most beautiful or interesting of cities, but we were lucky to be here during the coronation of the Sultan.  An event which last took place in Malaysia 55 years ago.


Band playing before the Sultan’s car drives by

Asia is off to a good start, so look forward to our next place.  Where is your favourite place in South East Asia?



Botanic Garden photos: