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About Debbie Bridge

I am Debbie and I am on an adventure around the world with my husband. We started off in North American, went to Austral/Asia and then our last part of our tour booked is in Asia. This is something I wanted to do for over 10 years and am so pleased and excited that my husband and I are taking the risk and going off to do it!


Hey, I made the unknown Nicholas Quirke blog – what fun!

Nicholas Quirke Was....

Nicholas Quirke was always at his happiest when called on to be spontaneous and when Debbie Bridge phoned him on 22nd September at 18.00 to step into the shoes of a colleague who was a last minute drop out he rose to the challenge. It made a fitting end to a full week which had started with him driving to Chislehurst to collect his client and meeting the gorgeous Lola as well as stopping off at Hartfield, Pooh Corner,  for refreshment. He worked every morning, had a meeting about the ShowShoppers Project which he had now launched on Facebook,, cooked and entertained for Aaron Schwartz, cooked and entertained Harvey and Grace and an excitable Rocco, Drove to Almedia in London to see Dance Nation which was a really compelling, surprising piece of theatre and by coincidence Harvey and Grace were in Camden at a gig and he was able…

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New Website – Bridge the Travel Gap

Hi Everyone,

It’s taken a bit, but I’m pleased to say, that our new website is up and running.

John, my husband and I, have started up a new travel website.

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How to Keep Costs Down and Not Throw in the Kitchen Sink!

This is one of the most asked questions about travel.  How can I afford it?



I say, travel doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does depend on how you define travel and where.

4 different ideas are outlined below:

Home Holiday

This is the cheapest and least expensive form of travel, so I wonder why more people don’t take advantage of this!  Yes, people take time off to stay at home, but quite often, this is due to illness or doing some: much-needed, DIY.  These are not holidays!

I have found that when I put strict boundaries around this ‘home holiday’ idea I’ve had some of my most relaxed and least stressful trips.  For example: no DIY or fix anything in the house, but do go out and see things in your local area you’ve never seen before or haven’t seen in a long time.  Also, just sit and read – preferably in the garden.

One of my secret tips is – don’t tell anyone you are staying at home, just say you are going on holiday, then no one will bother you.

Just Down the Road Holiday

This one is often done where people go camping or somewhere that is not far away and still in their home county, state, province, whatever.  This can be more stressful and expensive, but if you look at places like Air BnB or house swapping or camping, you can find a much cheaper way to do it and still get a great place to enjoy.  The added bonus with this one is there are no borders to cross and it’s only a few hours away, but you feel you’ve ‘gone away.’

Home Country Holiday


View from Hotel Room from hotel just outside Bath

This is where you go out of county, state, province, etc., but be careful, this can be more expensive, than going overseas, especially if you are Europe based!  I have found this to be the case in the UK, that going to Spain or Greece or, even, France, can end up being cheaper than staying within the UK.

Things to look out for are things like groupon deals or bus trips in your local newspaper.  While these maybe less glamorous, they don’t have to be.  I had a 4 star weekend away in Bath, England and it was half the price because of a coupon which my Mom in Canada bought for us for Christmas – we lived in the UK at the time of writing this!  So deals can be found, just have to do a bit more digging.  This is especially true for out of season.  Snoop around on your favourite local hotel sites, they are likely to have deals at some point in the year, so snap them up!

Just Over the Border

As mentioned above, going over the border into a close neighbouring country can be cheaper than staying in your own country, so check around, especially, out of season, you can get some good packages to go elsewhere when it’s their off-season period.  So all the ideas above can apply for ‘Over the Border’ travel.

What have you done to save on your travel?  Have you been successful at a ‘home holiday’?  What did that look like?

We love to hear from you, so please share comments below:

A Cushy Cruise – how to save money on your next cruise

Norwegen Sun

Norwegian sun

Why do Americans and Canadians get cheaper cruises?  The simple answer is, we don’t know and we don’t like it, but here is one way we got around it….

I managed to find a way around the dual pricing by booking on an American website and then contacting the company explaining I had done this. They eventually allowed the booking to stand in the US dollars.

If you can find a way to book a cruise through Canada or the US, then you can save yourself up to a third or more on the actual cruise cost.

Recently, I did a search and looked at the same cruise through a UK and US website then priced them just to make sure that all this is still the case.

At random: (Holland America) on January 2 2016 for seven nights, East Caribbean cruise
Cost £548.28 – US Cost $699 or £446 = £102.28 potential savings. This isn’t just in the UK, it is pretty much anywhere outside North America that there is a huge price difference, so check it out from your own country, if not based in North America.

This was done with an Orbitz search. Orbitz, also, included a special US$500 onboard credit, unlike the UK. If you take in the on-board credit, then your cruise could cost you £128.

That’s a huge potential savings!

What are your experiences of costing cruises from where you are?  Share below: