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Week 43 – Sunsets, Beaches and Sails – Thailand and Vietnam

‘What’s stopping you?’ (That’s right – nothing!)’

[How this works is, each week, I will write to someone on my list, picked randomly and I will post it online on this blog – just in case the letter doesn’t reach its destination.  The letter includes a card with a random quote, which I hope you will enjoy (at the top of this blog page).]

Nai Yang

Nai Yang Beach, Thailand

This week has afforded me to see some lovely beaches, gorgeous sunsets and join in on a really nice cruise through Halong Bay.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay, Vietnam

We’ve covered a fair distance as we had quite a few early mornings with short-haul flights to get us from Thailand to Vietnam.

So, we started at a lovely beach – Nai Yang, Thailand which was 5 minutes from the airport, but you would never know it!  Highly recommend staying here, if you ever needed to do an early morning flight from Phuket Island, Thailand.

Then one night at a comfy hotel in Bangkok which had a gym and nice pool, but attached to the airport.  Once again, great for that early morning flight, as it was quiet, good food and made for easy travel over a sky walk to enter the airport 5 minutes later.


Hanoi, Vietnam – pineapple seller

Then it was another quick, early morning flight to Hanoi, Vietnam.  Now this is a city which is a real feast for the senses.  It’s hard for me to describe, but my first impressions have been full of excitement and anticipation.  We, only stayed one night.  Then it was a cruise for 3 days in Halong Bay.  This is a beautiful area where we saw a small portion of over 1000 limestone islands. (extra photos of the cruise at end of blog)


Limestone Islands, Halong Bay, Vietnam

Our first day was in the very tourist area of Surprise Cave

Surpise Cave

Surprise Cave, Halong Bay, Vietnam

and a hike up one of the islands to a look out.


View from Lookout Halong Bay, Vietnam

The second day was the jewel and hardly any tourists.  We saw a fishing (floating) village, Fairy Lake Cave,

Fairy Lake

Fairy Lake, Halong Bay, Vietnam

did kayaking,

Halong Bay

Kayaking, Halong Bay, Vietnam

swam in the ocean and then saw a pearl farm.

Pearl Farm

Nursery of Pearl Farm, Halong Bay, Vietnam

The food was all banquet style

Fish in a net

Fish in a net, Viola Cruise, Halong Bay, Vietnam

with evening squid fishing, karaoke and socializing with other travelers.

Needless to say, back in Hanoi and having a few days rest while we wait for our India visa.

Love Debx

Photos of Halong Bay Cruise:

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